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Our deepest condolences are extended to the Albers Family.  On Dec. 20th Diane Albers passed away peacefully in her sleep.  She will be deeply missed by all.  More information will follow shortly.




Important Information

Please Read!!


Due to the increase in extremely restrictive laws being passed in many counties in Florida the first lawsuit will be filed in Volusia County.  Due to the restrictive nature of this ordinance it was decided that Volusia would be our first constitutional challenge.


Please read the letter from NAIA's National Director, Patti Strand.  Click here to read.


Your help is crucial, your donations are needed to help fund this lawsuit.  Protect your right to own dogs and the sport of purebred dogs!!!




There can be no more microchip clinics due to a recent change in Florida law.  Microchips are now considered a minor surgical procedure and require a vet.

More on this topic will be covered on the legislation page.


Clubs should review this information as it will effect your microchip clinics.



                                                                    FAKC was formed in the 1950's and is a club of clubs.  Our membership consists of  the most experienced and knowledgeable AKC purebred dog clubs in the state.  Through our member clubs and their membership we represent thousands of dog enthusiast's who possess a wealth of information and experience. 

     FAKC assists member clubs by providing information, support, promoting AKC events, and  education.  AKC has a number of events tailored for dogs and their owners.  If conformation is your passion or agility, rally, obedience, or Canine Good Citizen title AKC has fun events to offer further strengthening the human animal bond. 

     Since our membership represents some of the best and most experienced members in the area of animal welfare we are in a unique position to assist in disaster relief, promote responsible dog ownership, and educate the public on proper care and training issues. 

     FAKC supports responsible breeding practices and has a referral system to aid prospective owners in finding that special dog and breeder.

     FAKC supports legitimate rescue groups through networking, funding, and community outreach.

     FAKC has a strong group of members that specialize in solutions to animal issues within the community.  We are always available to provide information, assistance, and the benefit of our experience to local and state governments.   Additionally we also have a group that is trained to assist in disaster situations.  FAKC can always be counted on to aid the animals in all major disasters.

     It is the intention of FAKC to be a asset to the community in any way we can and promote the human animal bond.  We also try to have a good time doing it.  If your club has not joined please consider doing so.  We are a great group of dog enthusiast's!



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